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We combine the tools of a calorie counter with dynamic and adaptive macronutrient adjustments and provide your recommendations.

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NutriaFitness AI

A technology to organize information held in food databases and recipes to enable you to make food logging a doddle

Our self-adjusting diet algorithm is based on a model we created that maps and forecasts the progress of an individual user and makes intelligent weekly adjustments based on the data we gather


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  • 10% drop in BF and 9kg lean mass gain in 10 months. Through research and consolation with industry professionals I decided to start working with the Nutria Fitness. Over the next 10 months through their coaching and mentoring in diet, training intensity and mind set towards training I have achieved more muscle growth and a higher fat loss than I did in the 5 years training privately. I look back now and think to myself why I did not do this years ago!!
    Jacob, 34 years
  • NutriaFitness AI is personable, sympathetic, encouraging, and knowledgable. I’ve had experience with some fitness coaches before and many think shouting and barking orders will push me, but it only discourages and angers me. NFAI knows how to push me but within my ability and comfort range.

    Their diet coaching has positively impacted my life. I’m pleased to say I look and feel healthier!

    Gifford Feroce, 24 years
  • When I first started with the NutriaFitness team I used to suffer from recurrent throat infections and cold sores. They recommended first to restore my health before even considering changing my body shape.  I was severely nutrient deficient and through a vigorous nutrition and supplementation plan, I can honestly say that I have not been on anti-biotics for over three years and never get sick. I am fitter, stronger, healthier & happier thanks NutriaFitness AI”
    Jennifer, 32 years

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